Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Bar – Toffee with Walnuts & Pecans


I probably should state now that Trader Joe’s doesn’t pay me to tout their stuff.
Maybe they should, because there are a lot of goodies from TJ’s that I absolutely adore.
Of course, I’m not alone in this; there are others like me, not that I have a blog dedicated to TJ’s or anything…

Lately I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one making the cross border treks to get to the TJ’s in Bellingham.
On weekends at the TJ’s on James Street, there are usually more BC plates on the choked parking lot than there are Washington State plates – the locals must hate us!

One Saturday morning a few months ago when I told the guard at the border that I was making my monthly trip to TJ’s, he grinned and said “you too, huh?”
And before he handed back our IDs he asked if we’d tried the ‘dark chocolate bar with toffee and salt’.
We shook our heads and he said “You should, it’s the one with the squirrel on the package, it’s really good”

And it is!

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Bar – Toffee with Walnuts & Pecans
IMG_1547 IMG_1571
IMG_1545 IMG_1543

I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed the playful attractive packaging before; I grab two or three bars whenever I go now.
The bar is thin, glossy and deep brown in large sectioned squares, made with 70% cocoa it’s surprisingly not intense, it’s almost mild without a bitter aftertaste.

It’s crunchy with tiny pieces of salty toffee, pecans and walnuts, although the nuts aren’t as detectable.
The salt and sweet and nuttiness of the toffee and nuts shine through the smooth and mild chocolate base.
I think the salt is what makes this chocolate special; overall, it’s a yummy tasting bar, inexpensive ($1.99 for 3oz bar), and for a chocolate lover like me, handy to have around to satisfy those cravings.


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