Cocoa Cashew White Chocolate Chip Cookies


I had a quiet weekend, stayed home for most of it.
On Saturday the wind howled, rattling the windows, and with that, I had my excuse to stay inside.
I made breakfast; polenta porridge.
I watched tv, took a nap, read a book and then I baked…
Cocoa Cashew White Chocolate Cookies, based on these Cocoa Peanut Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Baking cookies on an ominous afternoon… very comforting



IMG_8520 IMG_8524
IMG_8529 IMG_8537


  • Angiesrecipes

    Love these white chocolate cookies! And the photos are just amazing!

  • Medeja

    Lovely cookies. I like cookies with all kind of nuts.. 

  • Myfudo

    Amazing recipe…I love to try this at home. I bet this recipe will be a blast!

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