Strawberry Cake

Three Strawberries

Happy Canada Day!
Before I go out and join in the festivities, I thought I’d share a decadent strawberry cake with you.
What do you do when you have more strawberries than sense? (I don’t even know what that means).
You made jam, coulis, tarts, crumble, you slow baked them and froze as much as your freezer could take.
And you still couldn’t quite possibly use them all up…

Strawberry Cake Batter

Strawberry Milk Strawberry Cake Batter

You find clever ways to add them to your cooking; toss them in salads, cereal, as garnish, strawberry milk… etc.
The idea to add them to cake batter came to me when I tossed a few strawberries into a creamy salad dressing and got the loveliest shade of pink.
Initially I just wanted to make pink cake, it’s almost like a lifelong dream come true…
Adding strawberries to cake batter is very easy and no special recipe is required, just take your favourite cake recipe, and replace part of the liquid with pureed strawberries – use as much as you want.
If you’re ambitious you could even make red cake!

Cake w/ Dark Chocolate Sauce

Strawberry Cake Dessert Friday

My cake had a mellow tartness to it, it wasn’t too sweet.
To serve, I melted dark chocolate with coconut milk (try it! it’s such a rich combination), and poured it over slices of the cake.
But I wasn’t done… I added strawberry sauce for more strawberry goodness and topped it off with coconut ribbons.

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