Crushed Chickpea Bruschetta


I found this crushed chickpea bruschetta recipe from the brilliant guys over at Kitchen of Friends, it’s one of my favourite food blogs, I’ve tried at least three of their recipes.
Now, I’ve seen several recipes for chickpea bruschetta, most are a variation of an appetizer from Mario Batali’s Babbo restaurant.

Bruschetta Assembly

Crushing the chickpeas here eliminates the possibility of having the little round peas roll off the bread, chickpeas stay on the bread where they belongs.
Sun-dried tomatoes, spring onions, parsley, and dried rosemary are what was used in this recipe, with a light oil and lemon juice dressing.
This bruschetta makes for a great appetizer if you’re hosting a party – just try not to eat it all before your guests arrive.
It’s simple, super easy to make and favourite spices are easily incorporated, it’s one of those recipes you make your own.

Chickpea Bruschetta Prep
Toast some slices of bread, we used a baguette here, but any kind will do, and rub with garlic

And then, brush the bread with some oil, I think I’ll try olive oil next time.
Add a scoop or so chickpea mixture onto bread, and drizzle some more oil or balsamic vinegar over it.

Chickpeas & Sundried Tomatoes
And… viola!

Confession time; I ate one… then I had to have another, and then one more, just another one…
An entire plate gone!

Chickpea Bruschetta

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