Turn The Dark Clouds Inside Out

I want to try optimism this month.
It was suggested that I start each day by pulling back the curtains, looking unto the skies and allowing a wave of gratitude to wash over me; gratitude for another day and the greatness it holds.
This morning I looked outside towards the skies and all I saw was gloom, rain and dark angry clouds.
The morning felt like an evening foreshadowing an ominous night.
I thought of a quote I’d seen recently, the writer describing his despair said he felt like he lived in the set of ‘The Killing’
This analogy felt accurate this morning, except I really do live on the set of ‘The Killing’
The US version is shot here! Vancouver plays Seattle on the show.
Here are a few shots that could complement the show…


West Van

Lone Walker

I want to try optimism this month…
I heard someone play ‘Keep The Home Fires Burning’ last night, I hadn’t heard it in ages, but it’s stuck in my head – I hummed it all day
It’s one of those weird songs I learnt from my father, you probably don’t know this song, unless you were around during the First World War in Britain. Neither was my dad… but he was a war buff.
It was still stuck my head this morning when I pulled back the curtains, and at that moment this wartime song seemed fitting.
Especially the last lines, which I naturally changed;

Turn the dark clouds inside out
Till the sun comes out

The Sea


And by noon, it looked as if the sun was trying to peek through.
It’s going to be a sunny day after all!
I want to try optimism this month…

98/365 Spring Yellows #mostly365

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