Weekends and Strawberries

I’m going to be eating a lot of strawberries this week!
Organic strawberries were on sale for $1.99/lb. this Friday at Wholefoods.
I got two boxes last night, got home and my brother brought us another two boxes; he’s been going around gifting these strawberries.
My mom also got another two boxes earlier in the day; so we have six pounds of strawberries.


IMG_4853 IMG_4841

I wasn’t sure what to make for dessert Friday night, but I knew the strawberries would be involved.
Whatever it was, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time making it – I needed something quick and delicious.
The idea for dressed-up lemon tarts came to me at the grocery store.
I got plain lemon tarts, topped them with sliced strawberries and added a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.


I was afraid it’d be too acidic; with the lemon, the tartness of the strawberries and then adding vinegar would be too much.
It turned out to be the perfect sweet and sour dessert.
The strawberries are good too, I could tell simply by how fragranced they were.

Fri 29 Apr - 6 Fri 29 Apr - 7

Also meet my new favourite tote, it’s huge and roomy with big easy-to-carry handles.
I’m just not using it to carry my groceries yet, it’s so awesome, it’s my weekend tote.
It’s from Eataly in New York, the most amazing food market I’ve ever visited, it’s like a foodie’s paradise.

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  • Reply Hanson

    Wow. YUM! In-season strawberries are one of the best things about the beginning of summer! I like your idea to pair the sweet fruit with the acid in the lemon tart. Looks amazing:) Also, I like the tote! I wouldn’t put groceries in it either- that’s what regular old solid-color cloth bags are for;)

    3 May, 2011 at 10:45 pm
    • Reply Elsa

      Thanks! 🙂

      4 May, 2011 at 6:37 pm

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