Send Warm Clothes…

Holy Moly! It’s cold!
We set a record today; the coldest November 23rd in history.
Our temperature today is a frightful -9°C with a high of -4°C (that’s 16°F/25°F)

Sat Nov 20 - 11
This is the warmest jacket in my closet, I bring it out whenever it gets unusually cold – which in these parts means two to three times a year.

Sat Nov 20 - 1 Sat Nov 20 - 7
I’m also wearing winter pants; it’s insulated, water-resistant and very warm.

Sat Nov 20 - 6
It’s not as snowy and wintery down here, so we just get the blustery cold temperatures and some sun.
I’m actually enjoying the cold; at least it’s not raining. It’s supposed to snow on Thursday and then the temperature rises.

Ha! Sat Nov 20 - 2
Outfit Details: Jacket – Lacoste, Winter Pants – MEC, Boots – Browns, Puff Bag – John Lewis, Hat – Monsoon, Scarf – Fabric Store

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