How I Got Granny Glasses

The Granny Glasses

I’ve been wearing corrective lenses for almost a decade now.
Generally I wear contacts, and revert to glasses on the weekends.
This year my prescription changed, ever so slightly – my eyesight has actually improved!
My ophthalmologist said I could keep on wearing my old contacts till they run out.
I was at the mall a couple of months back with my mom, she was filling her eyeglass prescription.
There was a ‘buy one get one free” promotion on glasses.


My mom got stylish contemporary half frames,

E Els & Her Birthday Flowers

and convinced me to get these. She said it suited my face and got a bunch of other people to agree with her.
I thought they were cute in a chic old fashioned sort of way.

My Mom & My sis

Here’s mom and me with our respective glasses.

E - 3 E - Resting

Thankfully they’re transitions.


These giant plastic frames have grown on me, and I’ve gotten a compliment or two.
The guy at the coffee shop calls them hipster-chic – I don’t have the heart to tell him that my mom tricked me into getting them.

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