The Second Day


We decided to check out Covent Garden the next day.

After a long restful sleep, I woke up refreshed and ready to officially start vacationing.

It seemed like a good day for window shopping and nice leisurely sightseeing walks.

I was particularly excited to see the Muji store; I love Muji for its minimalist designed products, unfortunately their only store in North America is in New York.

Floral St.

Paul & Joe, another brand I love probably because it’s also the names of my two brothers, but mostly because their lines are so clean, the cosmetics line packaging is oh so cute.

Seven Dials

Of course, we went in search of Seven Dials and found it


And here I am at the intersection, pondering which of the seven streets to take.

Go there

Where to go? Where to go?


We went towards Leicester Square because you always go where the bright lights and big screens are.


I’m not sure how, but somehow we ended up here.

Which reminded me of that one time a long time ago… the SegaWorld had just opened and ‘my uncle’ who’d been promising me “a great outing” for months brought me here, as if that wasn’t bad enough he kept grumbling about how expensive everything was. Did he think I was a five year old boy?


Underground Bond St. Station

What was supposed to be a leisurely afternoon jaunt went late into the evening.

We ended up on Oxford Street, I somehow always ended up there (you’ll see)

I swear I’ll stay out for ever if I’m not reined in.

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