On getting it back

RunI picked up my race packet last night still debating whether to run.

At this point it’s a test to see if I can run 21km (13.1 miles) without training.

I’ve slacked off so badly it’s shaming! I don’t have any excuses, no one to blame but myself.

I’m hoping some good will come out of this race though, sometimes you get so far off in the deep end there’s nothing more to do but turn back. I’m hoping this is one of those instances, that this will be the turning point.

I’m slightly comforted by this thought; it’s like I’m having one of those moments that encourages people to change their lives. I’m hoping I’ll look back on this day and smile knowing the exact moment I decided to take control.

I’m being a little dramatic here but I really hope I can use this race to get things started again. I’ve been off the grid for so long I need motivators. The running magazine does help but eventually I’m going to have to buckle down and just do it.

I’m hoping to stay within 2:03 hrs, and if I’m able to do that, I’ll reward myself!

Here’s to a great run tomorrow guys!

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