Back with a whimper

I don’t have scientific proof (yet) but I do believe there’s strong correlation between my blogging and running.

I tend to blog at the same rate I run; hence when I’m not writing chances are I’m not running either.

I’ve stopped making excuses for my new sedentary life, it’s gotten too ridiculous – the good thing is I’ve managed to lose 10lbs through portion control/bento lunches. mosaic2033180

Bento lunches have saved my life, It’s become my passion – I tend to pack lunches for every where I go now, not just for work. It’s been fun fun fun!

I’m hoping to lose another 10lbs by May 1st. For months I was convinced my scale was broken, there was no way I’d gained 20lbs, I didn’t feel that heavy.

I had a little hiccup last week. I can’t even begin to say how evil Daim is! Good thing I can only get it from Ikea. I lay in bed popping one piece after the other until the whole (very large) bag’s gone.

I’m deliberating running the half marathon again this year, I’d like to better my time.

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