Do you believe in the after-life?

Have you ever felt like you’ve known someone all your life even though you’ve just met?

I met Mike on a connecting flight from Dallas to Seattle last month.

Our original flight had been canceled due to a snow storm and we luckily got a seat on the next departing flight. “It’s not going to be great seats” the attendant warned but we were desperate enough not to care.

Of course, I had the middle seat in the busiest area of the most crowded plane ever!

But all was not lost; I sat next to Mike, he offered me a piece of gum and we got talking… for over six hours!

It turned what could have very well been a horrible traveling experience into an insightfully delightful trip.

I believe we knew each other in a previous life, I hope anyone on a long tiresome journey finds themselves a Mike to get them through.

Mike also makes beautiful music; here’s “Heart of Me ” from his first CD “Let Go”

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