100 Things

I’m passionate about food. I cook mostly vegan – plant-based foods, and sometimes a little fish for the pescatarians in my life.
I adore style and design, technology, photography, and wide wild open spaces… and this is where I write all about it.

100 things about me…

  1. I was born in Accra, Ghana at a military hospital.
  2. I was named for Elsa, the Lioness, you’ve probably read (or watched the movie) about her in Joy Adamson’s novel Born Free
  3. I lived in a home with no running water or electricity for the first seven years of my life
  4. I’ve been a vegetarian for over half a decade, my diet is mostly plant-based
  5. I’m estranged from my father
  6. I’m the fourth of five siblings; I have three brothers and a sister
  7. I was born in the year of the dragon
  8. I’ve lived in Freetown, Sierra Leone
  9. I’m afraid of suburbia
  10. I’m left-handed
  11. I’m in love with Paris (the city); I want to live in Paris one day
  12. I think I could be a great writer if I tried
  13. I’ve lived in Montgomery Village, Maryland
  14. My parents finally divorced when I was twelve; I wasn’t sad
  15. I’m cautious of soy products, which is ironic since I’m a vegetarian
  16. I’ve lived in London, England
  17. My greatest fear is being buried alive
  18. I truly believe I’ll make a lousy parent
  19. My parents used to be devout followers of Sathya Sai Baba
  20. The longest I’ve lived in one place at time is 5 years
  21. I never met my paternal grandmother even though she lived well into my adulthood
  22. I’m considered quite liberal in my political and social views
  23. I normally have these dreams where I’m always reluctantly preparing for a trip.
  24. I have a driver’s license but I hardly ever drive
  25. I had no friends when I was growing up, that hasn’t changed much.
  26. Religion scares me
  27. I’ve stayed in Copenhagen, Denmark briefly – a lonely time in my life
  28. I spent my teenage years with my dad and his new wife
  29. I love silence
  30. I live in a predominantly gay neighbourhood
  31. My father was a misguided hippie who thought we could live off the land
  32. We tried to live off the land and failed miserably for seven years
  33. My father got a job afterwards that allowed him to travel the world
  34. I was baptised in the Presbyterian church
  35. Although she died before I could really get to know her, my maternal grandmother is my hero
  36. I doubt I will ever have children or get married
  37. My mother is a breast cancer survivor
  38. I live in Vancouver, BC
  39. My mother worked 50 years for the same company
  40. I’ve ran three half marathons, I hope to run a marathon one day
  41. When I was ten I wanted to change my name to Lucinda
  42. My favourite book as a child was The Secret Garden
  43. I got expelled from my private prep school for tardiness
  44. I no longer believe that there is one true religion
  45. I’m a cancer
  46. I ‘ran away’ from home when I turned 21 and never looked back
  47. I used to judge my mother for some of the choices she made
  48. My ancestors journeyed from the northwest of the Niger River to settle in central Ghana.
  49. I am pro-choice
  50. I’m a gadget junkie
  51. I’ve never lived alone, except briefly in college
  52. I learned to crochet when I was eleven
  53. I have inexplicably small toe nails
  54. I don’t mind being alone
  55. I’ve never been hangover
  56. I have poor eyesight, I wear contacts and glasses
  57. I’m not afraid of death, I’m afraid of pain
  58. I had chicken pox when I was a teenager
  59. I live twenty minutes from the US border
  60. I make my own bagels, it’s pretty easy
  61. I was a Brownie who didn’t go on to be a Girl Guide/Scout
  62. My siblings and I once drove thirteen hours each way from Maryland to Indiana
  63. My other name is Nanayaa, a traditional name given to Akan girls born on Thursday
  64. I’ve been blogging since 2001, my first blog was on Diaryland
  65. I wore braces as an adult
  66. I was briefly a born-again Christian
  67. I consider myself a feminist
  68. I LOOOOVE Christmas!
  69. I’m a hopeless romantic
  70. I’ve never broken a bone or had surgery
  71. I still have my wisdom teeth, tonsils and appendix attached to me
  72. I have an unrealistic fear of underground parking lots
  73. I didn’t have seasonal allergies until I moved to Vancouver
  74. I’m not a vegan, but I prefer to bake vegan
  75. I think I may have a slight form of OCD
  76. I was once detained at the airport in Copenhagen, I don’t remember what for.
  77. I’ve never been paid for sex, I guess it’ll depend on the person and sum when it comes to it
  78. I’m selfish and I’m ok with it
  79. I love running sometimes
  80. I am Canadian
  81. I love cleaning
  82. I’m almost 5’5”
  83. I write better than I speak
  84. I’m an introvert, I sometimes find it tiring to be around people I don’t know
  85. I use to love the rain until I moved to Vancouver
  86. I wish I could sing
  87. I’ve lived in six countries
  88. I’m sixteen years older than I think
  89. I don’t think I’m responsible enough to have pets
  90. I get restless if I stay at one place for a long time
  91. I don’t know what it’s like to be proud of my father, and that makes me sad
  92. My oldest brother is a pastor
  93. I’m on twitter
  94. My seventy-one year old traditional African mother supports same-sex marriage, and that makes me extremely proud
  95. I used to have panic attacks as a teenager that got misdiagnosed as asthma
  96. I can’t eat avocados anymore, I get a sudden bout of nausea whenever I try
  97. I’m easily distracted by shiny things
  98. My sister, a friend and I once spent the night in a car at a grocery store parking lot in Rehoboth Beach, DE
  99. I’m not into giving or receiving pain
  100. I was born in the wrong era, I should have been born in the future

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